Warranties and certifications

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RIOBEL PRO products carry a LIFETIME warranty on their cartridges. All other working parts and finishes are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of five (5) years following the date of purchase. The warranty will be honoured if the installation is performed by a certified plumber. The warranty does not cover labour costs and/or damages sustained during installation. For commercial application or installation outside of North America, the warranty is valid for one (1) year. Riobel Pro product warranty is not transferable and applies only to the initial purchaser with proof of purchase. The complete text of the Riobel Pro warranty is inserted into the packaging of each faucet


Since you‘re looking for quality products, you may already know that our Riobel pro products are certified (or pending) ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1. Our products are also approved by the Massachusetts Plumbing Board- APPROVAL #CMR248 and meet the ASSE 1016 standard and NSF 61 standard.

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Numbers don't lie: Canadians use too much water. According to Frédéric Laserre, a geography professor at Laval University and director of the Observatoire des recherches internationales sur l'eau, we consume almost 600 litres (132 gpm) of water per day, per person. The average European consumes only 300 litres (66 gpm)!

At Riobel, we know that every drop counts. That's why we've taken measures at every level to ensure that our products mesh with our environmental values. While quality is always our foremost concern, we refuse to seek it at the expense of the planet.

With this philosophy in mind, we've equipped the bulk of our lavatory faucets with efficient aerators to reduce their flow to 5.7 litres per minute maximum (1.5 gpm) - the industry norm is 8.3 litres per minute (2 gpm). Our water conservation efforts will have a definite positive impact on the environment! It's also worth noting that our Water Sense rail shower can make showers greener with a flow of only 6 litres per minute (1.6 gpm).